Legion State Tournaments Start Saturday

The junior and senior American Legion state tournaments begin on Saturday, with three local teams vying for state supremacy.

The Senior Division State Tournament will be held at Centralia’s Ed Wheeler Field and will feature eight teams. The local Sobe-Toyota Lizards open play at 6 p.m. Saturday against Yakima Pepsi Pak, with the winner playing at 6 p.m. on Sunday and the loser playing an elimination game at noon on Sunday against either the Hanford Flames or the Spokane Bandits, who play at noon on Saturday.

The tournament will conclude on Wednesday, with a championship game set for 1 p.m.

The Junior Division State Tournament runs from Saturday to Wednesday in Spokane, with both Centralia Titus Will and Chehalis Sobe-Toyota playing in the eight-team Al K. Jackson Field bracket. Centralia takes on Round Table at 1 p.m. on Saturday, while Chehalis faces the Kennewick Bandits at 4 p.m.

The winner from the Al K. Jackson bracket will face the winner of the eight-team Whitworth University bracket at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, July 31, for the state title. Should Chehalis and Centralia each win on Saturday and again on Sunday, the crosstown rivals would play at 7 p.m. on Monday.

Twin Cities 15s Dominate on Day 1

Southern Washington Babe Ruth 15-Year Old Baseball State Tournam Southern Washington Babe Ruth 15-Year Old Baseball State Tournam Southern Washington Babe Ruth 15-Year Old Baseball State Tournam Southern Washington Babe Ruth 15-Year Old Baseball State Tournam

The first day of the 15-year-old Southern Washington Babe Ruth Baseball Tournament was sent into a bit of a tailspin with the rain pouring in Chehalis on Wednesday morning. The wet weather moved two of the tournament’s first two games from W.F. West’s Bearcat Baseball Stadium to across Interstate 5 at Stan Hedwall Park, where tourney host Twin Cities proceeded to score a whopping 42 runs in 10 innings of action — and, needless to say, improve to 2-0 in pool play. The local squad thumped Willapa Harbor, 20-1, in its opener, then dropped Kennewick, 22-4, in the late game. For the full story head over to Chronline.com.

At Chehalis
Twin Cities    554   24 — 20 14 1
Willapa Harbor   000   10 — 1 2 3
     Batteries: Twin Cities — Tyler Pallas, Cole Miller (3) and Tysen Paul, Noah Thomas (4); Willapa Harbor — Johnson, Matby (2), I. Quimby (4), Aulton (4), King (5) and S. Quimby

At Chehalis
Twin Cities   60(13)   21 — 22 21 0
Kennewick   000   40 — 4 2 2
Batteries: Twin Cities — Austin Emery, Noah Thomas (3), Cole Miller (5) and Tysen Paul, Miller (3), Thomas (5); Kennewick — Habrer, Schwartz (3), Warter (3), Salker (4) and N/A

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Centralia native Lyle Overbay is still looking for a hit since the second half of the All-Star Break and his average has dropped to .235 on the season. Meanwhile the Brewers are fighting off the Cardinals for supremacy in the NL Central. Milwaukee has two games on St. Louis in a pennant race that’s sure to go down to the fire. You know, because St. Louis always seems to be good.

Mitch Gueller – W.F. West - The pitcher has a 3.25 ERA and 18 strikeouts for the Williamsport Crosscutters in the Class A Short Season New York – Penn League.

Brock Peterson – W.F. West – Peterson is now playing for the LA Dodgers organization, hitting .410 in 18 games with the Albuquerque Isotopes of the Triple AAA Pacific Coast League. He also has four home runs and 14 RBI.

Robert Pehl – W.F. West - Pehl is hitting .325 for the Idaho Falls Chuckers of the Pioneer League. He also has 8 doubles.

Erik Forgione – W.F. West - Forgione is hitting .183 for the Jamestown Jammers, which is the same league that Gueller plays in.

Andrew Pullin – Centralia - Pullin is hitting .275 with 7 home runs and 43 RBI to go along with 11 doubles while playing for the Lakewood BlueClaws of the Class A South Atlantic League.


Since we’re in the dead of summer, I assume some people have taken vacation. We don’t take vacations here in the sports department because I spend all my money on Legos and Aaron blew last year’s Christmas bonus on a car with a seat warmer and COOLER. So we’ll live vicariously through you all. Let’s see what Centralia’s Oscar Jackson is up to…

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.13.46 PM

Ah, Los Angeles. Here’s a few things you should know about the second biggest city in the country.

1. It’s earthquake prone. Kind of like Seattle but without the large looming volcano that’s going to covering anything in mud anyways. Seattle has quaint little earthquakes while Los Angeles does this…


You know what this is? Reason No. 1 never to drive in LA. Reason No. 2 is the traffic which makes Tacoma look like a well-constructed flowing German Autoban. Reason No. 3 is if I’m vacation, I’m spending the entire time on the beach re-enacting scenes from Top Gun.

2. It’s diverse. Perhaps the only city where you can have a conversation with a man dressed like a stormtrooper, discuss British politics with a gas station attendant, make fun of the Laker fans who won’t be good for the next ten years and then spend a dollar and a half to use the restrooms at Jack in the Box. Ahhh, LA never change.

3. It’s warm. You know how we get all crazy when it gets to be like 95 in Centralia? We act like the world is ending and that we should probably start boring holes into the earth to escape the scorching sun? That’s like May in LA. It’s warm. All the time. It’s the better looking cousin of Seattle that has a much better three-level house in a nicer neighborhood. Only instead of houses and neighborhoods we’re talking about beach volleyball and Terminator movies.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.18.56 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.18.46 PM

This is some of the hazards of running around Centralia. I’ve nearly snapped my ankle misstepping in a water line access panel pit, been chased by a cat and a dog (at the same time) and even Aaron has been heckled by the Capital baseball coaching staff. So stepping on a large rusty tack really isn’t anything out of the norm.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.15.56 PM

Wait he’s not going to get a tetanus shot? Aaron probably never got the talk when he was a kid. They do things differently out in Adna, but in Chewelah I was always told that if I step on anything rusty (including Derek Jeter’s baseball skills), I should immediately get a tetanus shot unless I want to become this…


But apparently Aaron was like “NOPE DONT NEED TO SEE THE DOCTOR” even though I could see him slowly turning into the undead.

Luckily this morning, he woke up with a swollen foot and is now going to the doctor. Zombie apocalypse averted.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.17.51 PM

Anyone else remember the story of the monkey eating off the face of a lady? I have never looked at monkeys the same. I mean they’re my favorite animal at the zoo because they’re behind like 2 inches of glass and look like little furry humans, but seriously: A MONKEY TORE OFF SOMEONE’S face.

So they go on my long list of hornets, grizzly bears, dogs from the Logan District, Wayne Nelson, gremlins and soccer moms as creatures I do not mess with.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.19.31 PM

The Tanner Gueller bighead sign should follow him to Idaho State University. These needs to happen. And if it doesn’t happen, I hope Tanner understands it will be waiting for him when he visits Cheney to play my Eastern Washington University Eagles. Be prepared, Tanner.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.20.35 PM

I have long lamented the demise of good, solid movies that don’t need to make $500 million at the box office to be considered a success. Uncle Buck is one of those. The Great Outdoors is another John Candy classic. Cool Runnings, however, is his opus.

Even though this Disney movie is probably little known by today’s high school generation, those of us that grew up in the 90s can quote the movie with impunity and secretly hope that Jamaica actually does enter in the Olympics with a bobsled team.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 5.20.09 PM

Terminator 2 is a fascinating and terrifying movie as a kid. First, there is Arnold who you can immediately identify as the good guy. I know adults always talk about the “plot twist” of Arnold seeming like a bad guy but in the end becoming a good guy, but anyone worth their “how action movies are made” salt understand from the get-go that Arnie is the good guy.  And to a kid, if Arnold is a good guy, chances are the good guys are going to win.

Second, Los Angeles gets blown up. In Sarah Conner’s dreams. That still gives me nightmares. Although my parents assured me that Chewelah is probably not on Skynet’s “To Blow Up” list.

And lastly, wasn’t young John Connor annoying? I mean he had a ginger as a best friend, drove a dirt bike and spent his free time in the arcade. Either John Connor grows up to lead human’s resistance in a fight against the machines or he becomes the greatest World of Warcraft player of all time.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen… Happy Tuesday!


After tearing down the decrepit grandstands at Davis Field, Elma School District is in a bit of a pickle as what to do about seating at their football games next year. Looks like they may have to move all their games since there is nothing that can accommodate the hundreds of fans. Here’s the story according to the Vidette.

Maybe Elma High School’s football team won’t be playing its home games at Davis Field after all.

During a sometimes-contentious meeting in a packed meeting room, the Elma School Board decided to form a committee to seek a new recommendation that could quite possibly see Elma move its home games to Aberdeen’s Stewart Field for the foreseeable future rather than play in a facility with no bleachers to accommodate hundreds of fans.

The decision came after longtime head football coach Jim Hill challenged the district for its lack of a real plan in helping fans see the games.

“Do we call the visiting team and say, ‘By the way, if your parents are coming to the game, please bring a lawn chair? Is that where we’re at right now in the Elma School District?” Hill told the School Board.

The school board will have to come up with a solution soon since football camps will soon be sprouting up all around the area next month.

Twin Cities 14s Win State Championship

KENNEWICK — The Twin City 14s had plenty of monkeys to get off their back. They had lost to Hazel Dell Metro on Saturday 20-3 in pool play. They had lost to the same team last year in the 13-year-old state tournament. They wanted revenge in Sunday’s championship game of the 14-year-old Southern Washington Babe Ruth State Tournament.

And they got just that.

Twin Cities downed Hazel Dell Metro 9-3 in the state title game on Sunday, riding the arm of Dakota Hawkins for seven innings in the victory. Hawkins struck out 12 and allowed just six hits in seven innings of work. For the full story, head over to Chronline.com.




I’m sure you’ve noticed that in Lewis County we have lots of pickups. Why? Because in Lewis County we love freedom. The kind of freedom that allows us to get new tabs without having to take an emissions check (You suck, King County). The freedom to drive to work and not be stuck in traffic for 40 minutes by the Tacoma Dome (Pierce County, yo mama fat!). And the freedom to drive big, jacked-up pickup trucks. We’re not getting away with these gigantic beats in downtown Seattle because we’d probably run over two Toyotas every day. Luckily in Lewis County…


Now I’m not talking about those wimpy S10s or Ford Rangers. We all knew the kids in high school that drove those. They usually ended up “going to college” and “getting a degree in journalism” and “covering high school sports and running a sports blog.” Loser. Chances are their twitter avatar has a photo of them with a suit and tie too. Awesome, your Chevy Cavalier probably is attracting ladies at the gas station like no other.

Meanwhile, in Lewis County…


And the bigger the better! Don’t you hate pickups where you can just open the door and step in. A proper pickup should be roughly 4 feet above your head. You’re doing it wrong unless you use a rope ladder to get into the driver’s seat.


Okay we all know this guy. Spotless pickup. Every newfangled device on it you can think. But strangely he works an office job and doesn’t even know how to change a tire. He creeps over speed bumps like their Mt. Everest and goes roughly 2 miles over the speed limit (Control yourself Dale Earnhardt Jr.!) You know why he has a “big” pickup? Because he has a very “small” problem.

Meanwhile, in Lewis County…


Am I right folks? At least the pickup truck owners in this county actually use their pickups! Whether its to haul some lumber from the mill, help your friends move to their umpteenth rental house in four months because they raise pitbulls or have a driveway thats more treacherous than the Northwest Passage… at least you know people in this county use their trucks.  Unless they’re the 23-year olds that hang out in their trucks at the high school parking lots. Then they’re just pathetic. And probably going to be in jail in roughly a month.

Which reminds me of another place that loves their pickups and uses them quite a bit…



Actually this might work for grouse hunting. Ford needs to make this optional.


Lets not talk about all the custom pickup trucks you see on Jackson Highway.


Or the ones that cruise around on the Interstate near Longview…

And speaking of the Interstate…


Note to Semi-Truck drivers… this is why nobody likes you!


Tommy Elder has stepped down as W.F. West’s baseball coach, but he hasn’t escaped our watchful eye of Throwback Thursdays. Elder was once a student-athlete at Adna High School (a graduate in 2001) and we found this gem of a throwback team photo…


Members of the Adna boys basketball team pictured in the front row from left are: Todd Davies, Tommy Elder, Coach Rothlin, Ryan Ratkie, and Ronnie Charrier. Back row: Jeff Robinette, Kyle Rothlin, Damien Wilson, Devin Thomas, Allyn Tobey, Eric Gallagher, and Matt Jacobsen.

While it could be a trick of photography or the black and white but it looks as if Tommy Elder has frosted tips. We could be wrong but take a closer look…


Hmmmm does this remind anyone of…


WEDNESDAY SCOREBOARD FOR JUNE 16: Chehalis Splits With Monte, Seals District Berth

MONTESANO — Chehalis Sobe-Toyota may have dropped the nightcap here Tuesday, but a shutout win in the opener had already sealed the squad a spot in the junior American Legion Area 2 District Tournament. Jacob Cleary tossed all seven innings in Sobe-Toyota’s 7-0 win in Game 1, scattering six hits to secure the win. Montesano, however, bounced back to win the late game 12-3, scoring 8 runs in the fourth inning and never looking back. Steepy had a hit and scored 2 runs, but Sobe-Toyota was held to just three hits. For the full story, head over to Chronline.com.

At Montesano
Game 1
Chehalis   003   003   1 — 7 14 2
Montesano   000   000   0 — 0 6 2
Batteries: Chehalis — Jacob Cleary and Brandon Davis; Montesano — Chapman and Bussard

Game 2
Montesano   000   821   1 — 12 13 2
Chehalis   200   100   0 — 3 3 2
Batteries: Montesano — Herzog, Nelson and Bussard; Chehalis — Daniel Blomdahl, J.C. Cleary (4), Jeffrey Tereski (5) and Brandon Davis

Tardiff Hits Walk-Off in Twin City 13s’ State Win Over Mount St. Helens
CAMAS — Twin Cities’ opener was a bit tighter than the Centralia-Chehalis combo squad had hoped here Wednesday on the first day of pool play in the 13-year-old Southern Washington Babe Ruth Baseball Tournament. Connor Tardiff knocked a walk-off single in the bottom of the ninth inning to give Twin Cities a 10-9 win over familiar foe Mount St. Helens. For the full story head over to Chronline.com

Twin City 14s Defeat Camas-Washougal 14-4
KENNEWICK — The temperature and the bats heated up for the Twin Cities 14s in the Babe Ruth State Tournament here on Tuesday. The Lewis County boys collected 11 hits as a team, downing Camas-Washougal 14-4 in pool play despite triple digit numbers in the thermometer. For the full story, head over to Chronline.com.


Terrifying news coming from this recent heat wave Western Washington has been suffering through. Apparently the high temperatures have been driving rats indoors to the cooler conditions of human dwellings.

That’s right

Rats. And not Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I am comforted by the fact that my apartment is on the second floor and that I have a cat… but if these rats start developing rocket jet packs I’m moving.

Now lets move on to Twitter Tuesdays:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.33.15 PM

I wonder if all through his time playing football at W.F. West, Tanner Gueller was secretly reading Shakespeare and Aristotle when it looked like he was looking at the playbook on the sidelines. Or maybe he discovered Cold Fusion while messing around in Tommy Elder’s science class. Or maybe he looks up at the nigh sky and sometimes dreams of walking on Mars.

Or those nomads he was talking about was actually just people from North Tower in Centralia and the plate tectonics he was referring to was how he emptied his plate during dinner.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.34.23 PM

I’m glad someone finally said it. If ghosts are real, why aren’t they more passive aggressive than just rattling items, slamming doors and tugging on sheets of people. They sound more like an annoying 3-year old than a spooky ghost.

You know whats scarier? The Predator. Why? Because he had a shoulder laser cannon. You know what he didn’t do? Walk around an old house and creak floor boards causing people to lose sleep. Whoop-de-doo. The Predator took on Arnorld. That takes initiative.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.35.15 PM

Best shirt Ever? Probably.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.36.11 PM

I like this strong takes from Doug Ashmore. I can only imagine he’s going to get more bold and say things like…

1. The Seahawks play good defense
2. Derek Jeter was a good player for the New York Yankees
3. Soccer is a sport where you kick the ball
4. Bud Selig is old

Thanks Doug!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.40.36 PM

Wait until you get to college and go through the “I haven’t done the dishes in a month and I wonder what that large basketball shaped growth of mold growling out me is” phase. I try to keep my fridge bare for the sole reason of not accidentally spawning a new strain of Eboli or something. Mold scares me. As do rats.


This heat wave seems to be over but not before this weekend was punctuated by the fact that you probably broke a sweat at midnight. Things appear to be a little cooler, so lets chill with Meme Mondays.

Brian Cox Memorial Wood Bat Baseball Tournament (July 11)

Napavine’s Brady Woodrum throws to first base. Although we’re not sure if his elbow is supposed to make that kind of motion.


Daniel Blomdahl was told to swing his bat like a tennis racket or something. I wonder how his backhand is with a Louisville Slugger.


Here it is!!! The smartest grouping of men in Lewis County.

Brian Cox Memorial Wood Bat Baseball Tournament (July 11)

He just seems soooo upset.


District 3 10-11 Year-Old Little League Tournament District 3 10-11 Year-Old Little League Tournament District 3 10-11 Year-Old Little League Tournament

For the second straight day, the Chehalis 10-11 Year-Old All-Stars had their backs to the wall in the District 3 10-11 Year-Old Little League Tournament. And for the second straight day, the Mint City boys sent their opponent packing thanks to some late-game offensive fireworks.

Leading by a slim 7-6 margin in the bottom of the fifth, Chehalis blasted Rochester-based Larch Mountain for eight hits and 9 runs for the walkoff 10-run rule 16-6 victory Tuesday in Centralia.

The victory moved the future Bearcats into the district tournament championship game against Aberdeen on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Since Chehalis is coming from the losers’ bracket, they will need to defeat Aberdeen twice, once on Wednesday and once on Thursday to advance to the state tournament. For the full story, head over to Chronline.com.

At Centralia
Larch Mt. 023 01 — 6 11 7
Chehalis 412 09 — 16 18 3
Batteries: Chehalis — Austin Johnson, Drayson Hilkemeier (5) and Brit Lusk; Larch Mt. — Kade Yakovich, Logan Fry (1), Bodey Smith (3), Landon Hawes (5) and Bodey Smith, Cody Morton (3)

To see the full gallery of photos, click on “Continue Reading.”
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Max Dulin is a man of many trades for Centralia’s Titus Will Legion Baseball team and he’s also foraying into the realm of being a movie critic. Check out this glorious twitter account.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.04.40 PM

If you’re not following Max Dulin Movie Reviews on Twitter, you’re living life wrong. Speaking of living life, lets see how Oscar Jackson is doing…

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.10.17 PM

Yes that looks exactly how you should be celebrating the Fourth of July. However, for some people it went like this…

1. Stuck in traffic for three hours in Tacoma, turned off an exit and had Red Lobster.
2. Watched the new Spiderman movie, realized it was like the other Spiderman movies.
3. Set off roughly 400 pounds of fireworks, causing the Fire Marshall to show up at your door and ask if you’re a terrorist.

So as you can see, Oscar Jackson is doing it right.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.11.00 PM

Aaron has showed that his World Cup loyalties change more often than Centralia City Council members, switching to whomever is a western European country above France still alive in the tournament. That’s literally the only region he roots for. And he doesn’t even go to Dutch Bros.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.13.03 PM

I’m just wondering what other stupid things Maze did last week…
1. Accidentally deleted his pirated copy of “Game of Thrones” off his computer.
2. Let Doug Ashmore put together the playbook for Onalaska football. Instead it was just 60 pages of “LOL”s.
3. Bet on Brazil to win the World Cup.

See you all again next week for another edition of Twitter Tuesdays!



Wooden grandstands have a certain kind of quirky charm to them, however that can lead to some problems. When the 70-year-old Davis Field in Elma was torn down by the Elma School District late in June, they found that the venerable grandstands were infested with termites. The Vidette has the scoop on the demolition drama…

The grandstands, which have housed Elma High School fans since 1949 and watched over two state football championship teams and numerous soccer games, were reduced to a pile of rubble last week.

It was then that demolition crew discovered the “small” problem — termites. Turns out, not only were the grandstands structurally deficient, they were also infested.

Partway through the tear down, the crew found live termites in the roof portion of the structure.

“We were not aware of that,” said district Superintendent Howard King, noting that this simply reinforces the school board’s decision to tear it down as soon as possible. “We knew it was in really, really bad shape to start with, but then we find out it was in even worse shape. It was surprising, but it made the decision even more prudent. I always felt we were doing the right thing.”

Elma is the second Grays Harbor county school to face grandstand problems after Montesano had their legendary football stadium stadiums burn down in 2012.

Elma Hires New Athletic Director
Elma has hired Paul Gaskins as their new athletic director, after his stint as AD at Hillcrest HS in Midvale Utah since 2009. Gaskins was looking to relocate to Western Washington after growing up in New Mexico and spending 17 years coaching. Gaskins face one glaring issue: Elma’s football field now has no grandstands.

“We don’t have a distinct plan yet on what we are going to do,” Gaskins said. “Obviously, we are going to try to make it as comfortable as possible for the fans as we can. We have to make that situation the best we can for the community members to come out and watch the football games and our football team deserves that. We are going to come up with the best solution possible.”

For the full story click here.

Chehalis 10-11s Edge Capital to Stay Alive at Districts

Chehalis 10-11 Little League All-Stars Chehalis 10-11 Little League All-Stars Chehalis 10-11 Little League All-Stars

Britt Lusk touched home with an exaggerated stomp, scoring the winning run for his Chehalis 10-11-year-old All-Stars as they downed Capital, 10-9, in the District 3 Little League Tournament on Monday at Centralia’s Dick Scott Field. Lusk had every right to stomp, as the run kept the Mint City boys alive in the tourney’s lower bracket, and was a fitting relief after the 11-year old had to pitch the final three innings of a back-and-forth affair. For the full story, head over to Chronline.com.

At Centralia
Capital      005   022 — 9 3 7
Chehalis  320   005 — 10 8 4
Batteries: Chehalis — Cameryn Bostwick, Drayson Hilkmeier (3), Brock Bunker (3), Britt Lusk (4) and Cade Haller; Capital — Pascher, Kai Meyers (2), Jr. Johns (6) and Ryan Ball, Dayton Holmstein (2)

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Chehalis 11-12 Little League All-Stars

Chehalis 11-12 Little League All-Stars

Chehalis 11-12 Little League All-Stars

MONTESANO — The bad news is the Chehalis 11-12 Little League All-Stars lost to Montesano 8-4 in the District 3 Tournament title game on Thursday in a chance to clinch a state berth. The good news is they get a another crack at them on Saturday since it’s a double elimination tournament. For the full story, head over to Chronline.com

At Montesano
Montesano    024   002 — 8 6 X
Chehalis    220   000 — 4 4 X
Batteries: Chehalis — Leandre Gaines, Josiah Johnson (4), Tristen Ellison (6) and Drew Reynolds, McGuire Bull (4); Montesano — N/A

To see a full gallery of photos, click on “Continue Reading.”
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Little League Baseball: Chehalis 12s, Centralia 10s Playing for District Titles

The Chehalis All-Stars will play for the 11-12-year-old Majors District 3 Tournament championship tonight in Montesano.

Chehalis beat Elma Sunday and defeated Centralia, 7-1, Tuesday to reach the championship game, which will be played against Montesano at 6 p.m. this evening. Should Montesano win, the teams play again Saturday, as Chehalis is undefeated.

Meanwhile, Centralia’s All-Stars will play in the 9-10-year-old District 3 title game at 6 p.m. in Aberdeen, also against Montesano. Centralia beat Capitol and lost to Montesano over the weekend, but then beat Larch Mountain, Aberdeen and Chehalis to reach the championship. If Centralia wins, the teams will play again on Saturday, as Montesano is undefeated.



Centralia native Lyle Overbay has seen off and on action for the first-place Milwaukee Brewers this past week, but has been hitting .250 over that time period. On June 28, Overbay went 2 for 4 with an RBI against Colorado. He had his average up to .245 but an 0-for-4 performance yesterday against Toronto dropped it back down to .239. The Brewers have increased their lead over St. Louis to six games despite a three-game losing streak.

In his latest start for the Class A Short Season Williamsport Crosscutters, Gueller went five innings, allowing just three hits and a run while striking out four. He lowered his ERA to 4.85 and improved his record to 1-1 on the season.

Peterson is hitting .250 for the Syracuse Chiefs of the Triple-A International League. He went 4 for 6 with two doubles and an RBI on June 21st against Durham but has gotten just one hit for the Chiefs in four games since. On the season he has 11 doubles, 1 triple, 6 home runs and 31 RBI.

Pehl, formerly of Chehalis and the University of Washington, is hitting .318 for the Idaho Falls Chukars of the Rookie Pioneer League. He has a double, triple and home run to his credit as well 8 RBI.

Forgione is hitting .115 for Short Season Single A’s Jamestown Jammers… in the same league as Mitch Gueller. He has one RBI and three hits in 26 at-bats so far this season.

Pullin is hitting .274 with 10 doubles, six home runs and 35 RBI for the Lakewood BlueClaws of the Class A South Atlantic League. He’s hit safely in his last ten games, notching a .381 average in that time.

Got somebody you’d like us to follow in professional baseball? Send us an email at bhansen@chronline.com.


If you were on Twitter this afternoon, you no doubt heard about the World Cup soccer match between Belgium and the United States. The US lost, meaning we can all stop soccer fans for the next four years, but I dare say people showed they were mighty obcessed with the World Cup. At least until training camp starts in the NFL.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.21.59 PM

Infomercials could literally convince me to buy anything. You know those “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” alarms. I though about getting one. Because what if I fall down in the shower? No one is going to find me until I die, my cat begins to eat me and my neighbors start to smell something funny next door. I am not doing that. That is why I now carry around a beeper designed for 80-year olds.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.23.03 PM

For the record, Aaron and I were probably texting one another. What Joe didn’t get in the photo was the sweet Elma parent standing next to us that wasn’t wearing a shirt and had sweatpants on. That didn’t stop him from correcting his kid on the finer points of Babe Ruth baseball. That guy was awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.23.31 PM

No offense to Fullers, which is an awesome store. Fantastic really, I cut my teeth on Fullers when I first moved here. It was just a short jaunt from my house at the time so I could literally roll out of bed and walk there and snag donuts. That being said, the place takes a whole new life of its own at night. The people that come in there are like a cross between the WWE, Rockey Horror Picture Show, Duck Dynasty and Aliens. Apparently Kilgore fits right in.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.23.54 PM

This happened yesterday on the way back from Elma. Naturally I probably swerved a few times looking at the tweet on my phone.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.25.05 PM

I’m beginning to think that kids are smarter than me. Everytime I go to Miners I get the largest burger possible and spend the next hour in the Yakima hospital. These kids went with chicken? Meaning it’s probably healthier and less calories. Meaning in ten years I’ll be the one on the scooter in walmart while they’re running 5Ks.


Babe Ruth 13-Year Old District Baseball Tournament Championship Babe Ruth 13-Year Old District Baseball Tournament Championship Babe Ruth 13-Year Old District Baseball Tournament Championship

Twin Cities scored 4 runs in the sixth inning to break a knotted game wide open, and shut down Mount St. Helens in the seventh for a 7-3 victory in the championship game of the 13-year-old District 3 Babe Ruth Baseball Tournament. For the full story, head over to Chronline.com.

At Elma
Championship Game
Mt. St. Helens   000 300   0 — 3 2 8
Twin Cities   210   004   x — 7 3 1
Batteries: Mt. St. Helens — Sawyer Burdick, Dawson Hawthorne (6) and Corbin Balzer; Twin Cities — Brock Jones, Gabe O’Neil (5) and Ryan Pedersen

More Info
13-year-old District 3 Tournament
At Elma
Saturday’s Results
Mt. St. Helens 33, S. Thurston 1
Twin Cities 8, Grays Harbor 2
Mt. St. Helens 9, Grays Harbor 7
Sunday’s Results
Twin Cities 11, S. Thurston 1
Twin Cities 12, Mt. St. Helens 6
Grays Harbor 18, S. Thurston 12
Monday’s Results
Mt. St. Helens 12, Grays Harbor 11
Twin Cities 7, Mt. St. Helens 3

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